Stainless Steel 904L Sheet & Plates

National India. Co (India) offers one of the extensive ranges of 904L Stainless Steel sheet and 904L Stainless Steel plate in various qualities, sizes and grades (2mm to 12mm). Large size 904L SS Chequered Plate will also diminish the size of the undesirable heat-affected zone caused by welding. We additionally stock and supply extra large-size SS Werkstoff No 1.4539 Sheets, thin and ultra-thin gauge SS 904L strip and foil products, rolled down to 2 microns.

ASTM B625 UNS N08904 is impervious to stretch erosion splitting and fissure consumption. Evaluation 904L Stainless Steel Sheet is non-attractive, and offers incredible formability, durability and weldability. Extraordinary width choice in SS 904L plates, coil and sheets. Combination 904L Plate have phenomenal dimensional precision. These Stainless Steel 904L Coil, SS 904L Clad Plate and 904L Shim accessible in a wide assortment of uncommon surfaces. These SS UNS N08904 Sheet are additionally solid in situations where different materials come up short and accessible for use in a wide assortment of uses.

B625 UNS N08904 cold rolled coil, strip and sheet products are in demand across all industries and markets. Heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, lightweight yet strong, durable and fully recyclable, ASTM B625 UNS N08904 coil, strip and sheet is versatile in nature. Grade SS 904L Rolling Sheets is designated as UNS N08904 and Werkstoff Number 1.4539 & also known by Alloy 904L, X1NiCrMoCu25-20-5, Z2CNDU25.20, F904L, 904S13, SS 2562 and NACE MR01-75 / ISO 15156 (Brands – URANUS B6™ / VLX904™ / AL-904L™ / CRONIFER 1925™ / 2RK65™) Stainless Steel..

Unrivaled innovation just as broad quality control from steelmaking to completing guarantee the steady generation of ASTM B625 Stainless Steel 904L Shim Sheets in consistently of magnificent quality. We apply the procedure of surface finishing to our SS 904L Polished Plate by pickling or buff-polishing. Stainless Steel 904L Strips dimensions of completing and slice can be balanced by your necessities. Stainless Steel 904L Plate is accessible as Sheet, Coils, Foils, Rolls, Plain Sheet, Shim Sheet, Strip, Flats, Clad Plate, Rolling Sheet, Flat Sheet, Rolling Plate and Flat Shim. The Stainless Steel 904L Plate Weight Calculator enables you to ascertain weight of the various sizes of SS 904L Perforated Sheets dependent on measurements and shape. Stainless Steel 904L Shim is sold in either 300mm or 600mm rolls and sheet structure. The thn material can be utilized in power plants, atomic plants or gas and petroleum treatment facilities.

You can get the exact material according to your requirement at the least possible price. We also provide Reworks, FOB, CFR, CIF, and door to door delivery prices. The materials we offer are completely verifiable, right from raw material test certificate to the final dimensional statement. E-guarantee to give a response within 24hours working hours (usually in the same hour).You can also get stock alternatives, mill deliveries with minimizing manufacturing time. We are completely dedicated to our customers. If it will not possible to meet the customer requirements after examining all options, we will not mislead by making false promises which will create good customer relations.

Specifications:ASTM B625 / ASME SB625
:1000mm, 1219mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, etc
Length:2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm, etc
Surface:2B, 2D, BA, NO.1, NO.4, NO.8, 8K, mirror, checkered, embossed, hair line, sand
blast, Brush, etching, etc
Finish:Hot rolled plate (HR), Cold rolled sheet (CR), 2B, 2D, BA NO(8), SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated)
Form:Coils, Foils, Rolls, Plain Sheet, Shim Sheet, Perforated Sheet, Chequered Plate, Strip, Flats, Blank (Circle), Ring (Flange) etc.

Types of Stainless Steel 904L Sheets & Plates

Stainless Steel 904L
Polished Plates
:SS 904L Polished Plates
904L SS Polished Plates
904L Stainless Steel Polished Plates
UNS N08904 SS Polished Plates
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4539 Polished Plates
ASTM B625 904L Stainless Steel Polished Plates
Stainless Steel 904L
 Hot Rolled Plates
:SS 904L Hot Rolled Plates
904L SS Hot Rolled Plates
904L Stainless Steel Hot Rolled Plates
UNS N08904 SS Hot Rolled Plates
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4539 Hot Rolled Plates
ASTM B625 904L Stainless Steel Hot Rolled Plates 
Stainless Steel 904L
Cold Rolled Plates
:SS 904L Cold Rolled Plates
904L SS Cold Rolled Plates
904L Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Plates
UNS N08904 SS Cold Rolled Plates
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4539 Cold Rolled Plates
ASTM B625 904L Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Plates
Stainless Steel 904L
:SS 904L Coils
904L SS Coils
904L Stainless Steel Coils
UNS N08904 SS Coils
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4539 Coils
ASTM B625 904L Stainless Steel Coils
Stainless Steel 904L
:SS 904L Strips
904L SS Strips
904L Stainless Steel Strips
UNS N08904 SS Strips
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4539 Strips
ASTM B625 904L Stainless Steel Strips
Stainless Steel 904L 
:SS 904L Foils
904L SS Foils
904L Stainless Steel Foils
UNS N08904 SS Foils
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4539 Foils
ASTM B625 904L Stainless Steel Foils
Stainless Steel 904L Shim Sheets:SS 904L Shim Sheets
904L SS Shim Sheets
904L Stainless Steel Shim Sheets
UNS N08904 SS Shim Sheets
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4539 Shim Sheets
ASTM B625 904L Stainless Steel Shim Sheets
Stainless Steel 904L Chequered Plates:SS 904L Chequered Plates
904L SS Chequered Plates
904L Stainless Steel Chequered Plates
UNS N08904 SS Chequered Plates
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4539 Chequered Plates
ASTM B625 904L Stainless Steel Chequered Plates
Stainless Steel 904L 
Perforated Sheet
:SS 904L Perforated Sheet
904L SS Perforated Sheet
904L Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet
UNS N08904 SS Perforated Sheet
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4539 Perforated Sheet
ASTM B625 904L Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet
Stainless Steel 904L Circle:SS 904L Circle
904L SS Circle
904L Stainless Steel Circle
SS UNS N08904 Circle
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4539 Circle
ASTM B625 904L Stainless Steel Circle
  • Off-Shore Oil Drilling Companies
  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemicals
  • Gas Processing
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Chemical Equipment
  • Sea Water Equipment
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Condensers
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Atomic plants or gas
  • Petroleum treatment facilities.

Chemical Composition of SS 904L Sheet & Plates:

SS 904L0.02max2max1max0.04max0.03max19–234-5max23–281–2

Mechanical Properties of SS 904L Sheet & Plates:

DensityMelting PointTensile StrengthYield Strength (0.2%Offset)Elongation
7.95 g/cm31350 °C (2460 °F)Psi – 71000 , MPa – 490Psi – 32000 , MPa – 2200.35
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